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“A must-read for any working professional: Provides the new formula for finding lasting success in your career.” –Dan Schawbel, Bestselling Author, Promote Yourself

A new blueprint for success in an increasingly uncertain world.


  • 10 success skills that can ignite your business or career
  • A revolutionary new system for future-proofing yourself
  • Proven strategies for unleashing creativity and innovation
  • The new formula for creating competitive advantage
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Richard Bolles

“Provides a one of a kind formula for evolution and growth in an age of constant change…”

– Richard Bolles,
Bestselling Author, What Color is Your Parachute? 2015

Brian Tracy

“This powerful, practical book is loaded with proven strategies to build your self-confidence, become more innovative, and unlock your creativity.”

– Brian Tracy,
Bestselling Author, Eat That Frog!

Seth Godin

“Practical, hands-on and powerful, Scott isn’t afraid to talk about being afraid and how it keeps us down.”

– Seth Godin,
Bestselling Author, The Icarus Deception

Marty Yudkovitz

“Provides a more personal and practical formula for innovation that’s just the prescription for executives looking to break through to the next level.”

– Marty Yudkovitz,
Former Head of Strategic Innovation, The Walt Disney Company

Adam Grant

“One of the greatest barriers to progress is fear — of failure, rejection, embarrassment, uncertainty, and confrontation. With actionable advice and empowering examples, Make Change Work for You provides the tools we need to succeed in the face of our fears.”

– Adam Grant,
Bestselling Author, Give and Take

Gary Shapiro

“A must-read for those who want to survive in our rapidly-changing world. Clear. Concise. Practical!”

– Gary Shapiro,
CEO, Consumer Electronics Association

Kurt Hoppe

“Highly motivating and applicable for both individuals and corporate teams… the book’s framework will prove extremely relevant to individual leaders and the business organizations they work within every day.”

– Kurt Hoppe,
Head of New Business, LG Electronics

Nolan Bushnell

“Offers powerful new insights into the nature of creativity and personal growth…”

– Nolan Bushnell,
Founder of Atari, and Author, Finding the Next Steve Jobs

Brian Solis

“An eye-opening read that will change the way you look at business…”

– Brian Solis,
Author of, What’s the Future of Business

Featured Articles and Resources

EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE: 7 Rules for Career, Life and Business Success From Today’s Top Influencers. (Downloadable eBook)

New eBook, EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE,  with a roundup of notable interviews from our #MakingChange series, available for free download (at What’s stopping you from living the life you want to lead or pursuing the career you’ve always dreamed of? That’s the question today’s most celebrated business experts ask in, EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE: 7 Rules for Career, Life and Business Success From Today’s Top Influencers. In this free eBook training guide, we take another look at some of the the world’s most renowned entrepreneurs and online thought leaders featured in our #MakingChange series, who offer simple, practical strategies for finding personal and professional success in record time. Chris Brogan – CEO, Owner Media Group Ann Handley – CEO of MarketingProfs Guy Kawasaki – Chief Evangelist of Canva Dave Kerpen – CEO, Likeable Local Mari Smith – Social Media Thought Leader Brian Solis – Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group Gary Vaynerchuk – CEO of VaynerMedia Inside EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE – new from Scott Steinberg, author of Make Change Work for You: 10  Ways to Future-Proof Yourself, Fearlessly Innovate, and Succeed Despite Uncertainty readers will discover their personal stories and insights, along with hints, tips and strategies that anyone can use to drive ongoing success and achievement. To learn more about or download your free copy of EVERYTHING MUSTCHANGE: 7 Rules For Career, Life and Business Success From Today’s Top Influencers, please visit Read back on the blog for other inspiring interviews with  industry innovators on and share your stories of innovation and how you’ve made change work for you on your socials with #MakingChange....

Highlights from our #MakingChange Campaign – See it all on Rebelmouse

On January 5th, we launched #MakingChange, a campaign to explore each of the rules of my book, Make Change Work For You, through a weekly series of interviews with influential field leaders, influencers, and innovators. As we’ve successfully navigated our way through all of the book’s lessons, the campaign now draws to a close. 10 weeks, 19 interviews, and amazing involvement from you, the readers. Tremendous! I certainly hope you’ve enjoyed gleaning tips and insights throughout. In particular, it was truly amazing to see where you were #MakingChange and what mantras kept you going through your work process. Our friends at RebelMouse have cleverly compiled all of your #MakingChange responses on our very own Rebelmouse page. It’s amazing to browse through and see the collective experience we’ve had over the course of the campaign.  Again, thank you to our influencers and innovators for sharing their time, expertise, and knowledge and especially to you for participating and making this so great! VIEW THE MAKE CHANGE WORK FOR YOU REBELMOUSE HERE ————————————————————————– To reread any of the any of the influencer interviews, click through the links below: Rule 1 – Be Courageous: Chris Brogan | Sara Zucker | Mari Smith Rule 2 – Make Fear Your Friend: Jason Falls Rule 3 – Turn Anxiety into Awareness: Dave Kerpen Rule 4 – Transform Failure into Success: Jaclyn Johnson Rule 5 – Master the Art of Improvisation: Ann Handley Rule 6 – Playing the Odds: Jen Rubio Rule 7 – Experiment Constantly: Steve Rubel Rule 8 – Pick your Battles: Seth Porges Rule 9 – Keep Forging Ahead: Guy Kawasaki Rule 10 – Stay Relevant: Erica Cerulo & Claire Mazur | Gary Vaynerchuk ————————————————————————–...

#MakingChange with Gary Vaynerchuk – Rule #10 Stay Relevant

Finding the courage to embrace change and take chances is the only way to succeed. We’ve asked some of our favorite industry power players and business innovators to share stories of how #MakingChange worked for them, as it relates to the ’10 Rules to Future-Proof yourself, fearlessly innovate, and succeed despite uncertainty’.   Rule #10 Stay Relevant with Gary Vaynerchuk – CEO of VaynerMedia, New York Times’ Bestselling Author and Technology Investor Q: Social media mavens didn’t exist when you first parlayed yourself into becoming one. What qualifies someone for the job? Gary Vaynerchuk: I think that qualifying yourself has a funny way of working itself out. The question, “why me” is predicated on this enormous cultural shift; now we have platforms that allow people to break through and opportunities they would never have before. If you were to ask me, “why you?” Ten or twenty years ago, I would have said, “because somebody decided so.” An editor or producer. There’s less serendipity of breaking out than ever before because as people become educated on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter it becomes more of their own initiative to have the perseverance of putting out the content that can change their lives. For me, why me is because I have a gene that makes me think about the long term and not worry about the short term ROI which enabled me to step away from my wine retail business and start creating content that takes chances without having a clear ROI in front of me. Q: Why do you think more people don’t think several steps ahead? How was your business growing at that...


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Scott Steinberg is among today’s leading business strategists and strategic innovation consultants, as seen in 600+ outlets from CNN to Time and The Wall St. Journal. The CEO of management consulting and market research firm TechSavvy Global, he helps clients create value and cultivate competitive advantage on the back of emerging trends. A top-rated keynote speaker, popular author and futurist, he provides presentations and training workshops at events, meetings and conferences. Among today’s most-quoted industry experts, he’s been a featured columnist on change and innovation for Fast Company, Rolling Stone and The Huffington Post.

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