Highlights from our #MakingChange Campaign – See it all on Rebelmouse

Highlights from our #MakingChange Campaign – See it all on Rebelmouse

On January 5th, we launched #MakingChange, a campaign to explore each of the rules of my book, Make Change Work For You, through a weekly series of interviews with influential field leaders, influencers, and innovators. As we’ve successfully navigated our way through all of the book’s lessons, the campaign now draws to a close. 10 weeks, 19 interviews, and amazing involvement from you, the readers. Tremendous! I certainly hope you’ve enjoyed gleaning tips and insights throughout. In particular, it was truly amazing to see where you were #MakingChange and what mantras kept you going through your work process. Our friends at RebelMouse have cleverly compiled all of your #MakingChange responses on our very own Rebelmouse page. It’s amazing to browse through and see the collective experience we’ve had over the course of the campaign.  Again, thank you to our influencers and innovators for sharing their time, expertise, and knowledge and especially to you for participating and making this so great!



To reread any of the any of the influencer interviews, click through the links below:

Rule 1 – Be Courageous: Chris Brogan | Sara ZuckerMari Smith

Rule 2 – Make Fear Your Friend: Jason Falls

Rule 3 – Turn Anxiety into Awareness: Dave Kerpen

Rule 4 – Transform Failure into Success: Jaclyn Johnson

Rule 5 – Master the Art of Improvisation: Ann Handley

Rule 6 – Playing the Odds: Jen Rubio

Rule 7 – Experiment Constantly: Steve Rubel

Rule 8 – Pick your Battles: Seth Porges

Rule 9 – Keep Forging Ahead: Guy Kawasaki

Rule 10 – Stay Relevant: Erica Cerulo & Claire Mazur | Gary Vaynerchuk


Business Innovator interviews are here: Brian Solis | Brandon Barnett | Calvin Smith | Steve Myers | Philip SwisherPhilipp Skogstad



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