How to Create a Culture of Innovation

How to Create a Culture of Innovation

How do today’s biggest businesses and scrappiest young startups create cultures of creativity and innovation? The short answer: By keeping things simple, streamlined, and highly collaborative. In our latest video, we take a closer look at how you can transform your organization into a powerhouse of new ideas, and turbo-charge growth, with a few simple adjustments in strategy.

A few simple tips here include:

  • Create an environment of trust and teamwork where workers feel comfortable speaking up
  • Collaborate and flatten lines of communication – allow everyone to quickly connect and get on the same page
  • Think about what customers will want tomorrow – then start working towards this today
  • Constantly experiment with new products, services and solutions
  • Play a portfolio of strategic bets – don’t count on any single venture
  • Always be learning, growing and looking for ways to reinvent yourself

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