Interview: STEVE MYERS [Business Innovator]

Interview: STEVE MYERS [Business Innovator]

Steve Myers – Chief Technology Officer, Optum Specialty Networks

Question: How do you and your organization adapt to fast-changing times and trends?
Steve Myers: Personally, I take the approach of trying to listen to key market players, folks introducing new disruptive technologies or business processes, and staying informed to market trends.  I apply the knowledge to look at opportunities and solutions for ideas that mix our culture, mission, and vision, and would better prepare our business for the future.  Organizationally we do similar processes globally, and work to solidify the foundations of our core business – constantly looking for improvements and business innovation that will give both incremental positive change but afford us the opportunity to gain significant market share through internal and external development of those ideas.

Q: What’s the best way to innovate and stay ahead of the curve?
SM: I try not to focus on today; it is almost over.  I look at the future with our consumers –  what their future needs are – through actively listening, watching and monitoring the market, and by planning for future action that has both short term and long term effects. Innovation cannot be accomplished without creating a culture of change within the organization, that is monitored and guided for positive movement forward.  Couple these things with your vision and a plan, and you will be successful.

Q: The trick to getting ahead in an increasingly uncertain world is…?
SM: Actively listen and hear the world around you, then adapt, act and lead in a way that supports your journey in life.  Always do the right thing, no matter how hard.

Q: What simple change can any individual or business make that can have a hugely positive impact on their ability to achieve success today?
SM: I feel that if you enhanced your emotional intelligence (EQ), as well as your organization’s ability to, you and the organization will be highly successful.  Our success depends on our ability to read other people’s signals and react to them appropriately.  EQ will help build a stronger You, stronger teams, and better adaptable organizations.

Q: What do market leaders do differently that sets them apart?
SM: Valued leadership is about bettering those around you and your organization regardless of what the company does.  Things that make this happen for leaders are passion, commitment, and the ability to adapt,  make decisions & act decisively, along with an ability to see the multiple angles and impact of their decisions.  Then, they just need to show people ‘the path’ through leading.

Q: What’s the smartest decision you’ve ever made?
SM: Second to becoming a father and learning through that role, it has been not to focus on things in life and always learn and be open to new things.  The journey is never straight forward. The sooner you learn that, the more successful you will be in life and in your profession.   From a business perspective, it’s building cross-functional teams of people with integrity, passion, and commitment to make things possible.

Q: The most important thing businesses should know about competing today is…?
SM: They are watching how you deliver on your promises and know that there is always someone who wants your market and who will do the right things if you’re not.  Serve your customer well, the successful will follow.

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