#MakingChange with Sara Zucker – Rule #1 Be Courageous

#MakingChange with Sara Zucker – Rule #1 Be Courageous

Finding the courage to embrace change and take chances is the only way to succeed. We’ve asked some of our favorite industry power players and business innovators to share stories of how #MakingChange worked for them, as it relates to the ’10 Rules to Future-Proof yourself, Fearlessly Innovate, and Succeed Despite Uncertainty,’ rolling out one new rule each week.


Rule #1 Be Courageous with Sara Zucker – Social Media Expert + Blogger

Question: Give us a quick bio on your role. How did you get where you are today and what tips would you give others hoping to follow in your footsteps?
Sara Zucker: I currently lead the social media team at Glossier and Into the Gloss. Previously a digital media manager at NARS Cosmetics with a Masters degree in Library Science and Archival Studies from Queens College, my ultimate hope is to be a forerunner in the beauty industry, digitally. If you’re looking to do the same, the first step is to engross yourself in the world of social and digital media and think about it strategically (“What does this activation mean for the industry as a whole?” “How will it change the way consumers see beauty?” etc). I wonder about the creation of a lipstick — its name, its formula, how it alters the way women think about themselves — each time I swipe it on in the morning.

Q: What does being courageous in life and business mean to you? What are some of the biggest concerns and fears you’ve faced and how have you overcome them?
SZ: There is no harm in trying something and having it not meet your expectations. You tried it! For that, you should be proud. At not yet 30 years-old, I have so much to do and see and learn. In social media, the biggest deterrent to success is a lack of flexibility. With the industry moving as quickly as it does with new applications and platforms being launched every day, you have to be open to change and understand the tide before you swim against it.

Q: What are ways in which you have exemplified this in your life or career?
SZ: The bliss about social media is that it is (and continues to be) a guess, a test, an experiment. In a field of such newness, it is important to always be learning and looking for areas of opportunity. Build upon what could’ve been better the first time. To be courageous, “try, try, try again” in the words of W.E. Hickson. I try to keep that in mind with every new task I’m assigned.

Q: What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken in life or business and what did you learn from it?
SZ: When it comes to making decisions, I tend to be conservative with my personal life and impulsive in my career. This has served me well as I feel I need to hustle to move onward and upward, learning along the way. The biggest risks I’ve taken tend to highlight my quick decision-making: changing a major in college, transitioning from a career post-grad, cutting off six inches of hair on a whim. I have forced myself to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Q: What’s the surest way to innovate and stay ahead of the curve?
SZ: Stay informed: read as much as you can, associate with experts in your field, never stop experimenting.

Share your stories of how being courageous and #MakingChange in your life or career have helped you succeed.  Post to your socials with the hashtag #MakingChange and find your stories on makechangeworkforyou.com/blog.

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