Where are you #MakingChange?

Where are you #MakingChange?

We recently asked the twitter-verse to show us where they are #MakingChange, and the breadth of results were fantastic! From fashion, to music, to non-profits changing the world, here’s a glimpse at some of our favorite spaces shared.

1) Designer Chelsea Sheridan in the lobby of Seattle’s W Hotel. #MakingChange knows no (travel) bounds.

Make Change Chelsea S

Twitter: @chel_sher

2) Art History PhD student at Brynn Mawr, Lola Arellano-Fryer shows us her desk-side charm cheerleader & #MakingChange motivator.

Make Change Lola

Twitter: @runlolarun

3) There’s no place like #MakingChange at home for pop-culture writer Regina Lizik (and what a beautiful home it is!).

Make Change Regina

Twitter: @ScarletRegina

4) Orange is the new #MakingChange at Percolate – as seen on Taisa Veras’s desk.


Make Change Taisa Veras

Twitter: @Taisa_Veras

5) Tammy Tibbetts is #MakingChange for herself and others at She’s the First HQ – as a non-profit adopted by NextJump. Double the change!

Make Change Tammy Tibbets

Twitter: @TammyTibbetts

6) Music to our ears – Theo Aronson of La Ooh La La Records is literally #MakingChange to songs, remixing at his favorite studio.

Make Change Theo Aronson

Twitter: @TheoAronson

7) Moda Box is #MakingChange in the way people find and try fashion – from their offices to your home.

MakeChange ModaBox

Twitter: @myModaBox

8) Arielle Shipper, Content Strategist at dining payment app Cover, reminds us that the key to #MakingChange is fueling our bodies. 

Make Change Arielle

Twitter: @ArielleShipper


Use the hashtag #MakingChange to share your stories or photos with us and find them on makechangeworkforyou.com/blog, along with inspiring interviews from industry innovators.

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