Favorite motivational phrases to inspire #MakingChange

Favorite motivational phrases to inspire #MakingChange

We’ve compiled some of our favorite motivational phrases that inspire #MakingChange from quotes in our interviews and in the Make Change Work for You book to mantras readers shared with us.

JASON FALLS#MakingChange Interview: Rule #2 Make Fear Your FriendĀ 
Twitter – @JasonFalls
MC Quote Jason Falls

TONY HAWKMake Change Work for You book, Chapter 5
Twitter – @TonyHawk
MC Quotes TH

SYDNEY CAMPOS – Digital Media Praytell Agency
Twitter – @sydcampos415
MC Quotes SC

SARA ZUCKER#MakingChange Interview: Rule #1 Be Courageous
Twitter – @sbz
MC Quotes Sara Zucker

COREY KINDBERG – Social Media Editor
Twitter – @coreykindberg
MC Quotes CK


1947878_10152598094041561_4295926676715552744_n 10945680_10152557146346561_2451481693426095929_n




Broke & Chic
Twitter @brokeandchic
MC Quotes BAC

DONNA KIM – Donna Daily
Twitter – @donnadaily
MC Quotes DK


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